The MTC is awesome!  It is completely maddening though because one day you feel good and you feel like you know Spanish and then the next day you feel like a dog speaks better Spanish than you.  It is crazy but really interesting.  I don't speak ever and when I do it is in Spanish.  My companion thinks that I am really a quiet person.  My companion is Elder Page from Alpine.  He is a really cool kid and I really like him. Anyway Wednesday is my Pday and I can write you then and only then. but you can do that dear Elder thing that you know about.  Can you share how to do that with whomever because there is nothing better than receiving a letter at the end of a hard day!  Thank you so much for your letter yesterday.  I miss you all so much and I keep checking my pockets for my phone to text Mom, Dad or Nay but I know that I am here to work and to learn and to bless peoples' lives.  I love this so much even though it is the hardest thing I have ever done.
I have decided that Pday is harder than other days because we have nothing to do; I don't know what to do with myself. I joined the choir, mi companero y yo.  It is nice to get out of class because all we do is sit in this classroom and study.  We have a Spanish teacher for three hours in the morning and then study and then we have to teach a lesson in Spanish! Every day! It is so hard.  The first lesson I just froze and my companion, who knows less Spanish than I do, had to say a few things and then we left (the lesson is to another one of our teacher that impersonates this 17 year old kid named "Elias") but after that first lesson we have studied hard and now we sort of give him a talk.  It is really cool. We try to answer his questions the best we can.
Thanks for everything.  I love you. I leave for Louisiana on Aug. 6.  Wish me luck.  I pray for you all every day.  

Amamos nosotros mucho,

Elder Andrews

PS  The temple is closed so I will probably get on later today and send you some pictures.