"Make no small plans: This is the vision I have for the South. I believe that one day the South will baptize more people into the church than all other English speaking missions in the world together....We will see the time when we will baptize hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands...In your day you will see a million members of the church in the South. There will be temples plural in the Southern States. What a great call you have to serve with these marvelous people." President Spencer W. Kimball

Sunday, November 30, 2014

FROM PH: 40 Day Fast

Sent Date: Sunday, November 30, 2014
Author: President Hansen

Dear Missionaries,
We understand that last year y'all did a "40 Day Fast" from something that was keeping you from being closer to Christ, in preparation for the general authority's visit . This January 12, Elder Teh, of the First Quorum of the Seventy is coming to our mission to do a tour and speak to us at our zone conferences.

If we start our fast this week, it will be about 40 days till Elder Teh's visit. This fast is personal and can be whatever you feel is holding you back Spiritually. It may be an obedience issue, or maybe a fast from negative thoughts about yourself, other missionaries, the work, the mission etc. You may want to direct your studies to help in this fast. You may or may not decide to share your ideas with us, but know that we will be praying for your success in your endeavors.

We love you all and pray that the Spirit will be your constant companion to help you through whatever struggles you are dealing with. We are here and at your service anytime.

You are the best!
President and Sister Hansen

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