"Make no small plans: This is the vision I have for the South. I believe that one day the South will baptize more people into the church than all other English speaking missions in the world together....We will see the time when we will baptize hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands...In your day you will see a million members of the church in the South. There will be temples plural in the Southern States. What a great call you have to serve with these marvelous people." President Spencer W. Kimball

Monday, December 8, 2014

Sister Drama

Sent Date: Monday, December 8, 2014
Author: Andrews, Zachary Jacob

This week was really good. I went on an exchange to Covington with Elder Porter and then to Mandiville with Elder Trainor. They are both really good missionaries. It was interesting. I was happy to do the exchange with Elder Porter he is really a cool guy he is really new and that is hard for him. He is scared, I mean a mission is really scary, but he is learning lots and I know that he will learn. Elder Trainor is doing really well up there. That District is really good. So we talked to Sister Allen for a long while after ZTM. She is worried about Sister Roberts and Elder Drollinger and I afterwards where talking about why Sister Roberts is even out here and we think that she doesn't want to go home. Because it isn't the same. Matter of fact her whole home life is completely changed from what it was. So we are constantly trying to help her. She needs a foundation, people in her life that are constant and that are Family. She doesn't need council, she doesn't need to be yelled at she need the people around her to accept her and love her for who she is. Now of course like in all family relation you try and correct her if she is doing something wrong but she needs love President. But her district is so dysfunctional. Their are lots of problems in that district.

President I am so excited to try and help these missionaries reach their full potential. They are awesome. Our ZTM was really good and everyone did the 2 day music fast, they really liked.

We also have a fun little competition going on for morning fitness. I am excited about it you will see some of it tomorrow, were we will announce the winner for this week. I really do see a change coming in our mission. the culture is changing and people are starting to work towards a little bit more ambitious goals something i want to start doing is making sure everyone sends in their numbers to you through this program.

Everything is great. We would like to know if you could interview Angie for baptism before the 20th? Thanks for all you do. Love ya thanks for everything. Really thanks for caring, i know it means a lot to all of us.
Elder Andrews

PS I know this is cheating but I am really nervous about this transfer especially as far as Elder Drollinger and I are concerned.... Any hints that you would be willing to give? Pennies for the poor??

Sent Date: Monday, December 8, 2014
Author: President Hansen
Tell me why I am interviewing Angie for her baptism? Abortion? criminal? sex change? :)

Sent Date: Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Author: Andrews, Zachary Jacob
No no no she has just had all the missionaries in the area teach her so she needs either you or the assistants to do it. Right she needs to be interviewed by someone that hasn't taught her right? That is all we were thinking about. She should be good.

Attn: Zone Leaders, District Leaders and Sister Training Leaders
sent Date: Monday, December 15, 2014
Author: President Hansen

Dear Mission Leaders,
I have been noticing lately, many missionaries being lax with the mission rules; not following the schedule with exactness, listening and playing worldly music, going places and doing things that missionaries shouldn't do, etc. I know that none of these things seem too evil but I have come to know that the Lord will not bless us to achieve our purpose as missionaries if we will not give up the things of the world and commit ourselves without reservation to His work. By contrast I promise in the name of Jesus Christ that if we give ourselves completely to the work with out keeping one toenail in Babylon, The work will move forward here in a miraculous way.

We need to become better finders, teachers, nurturers. We are already seeing great blessings but we can see more. I need leaders who can not only teach these principles, but live them. Let me know if you can support me by living up to your holy callings.

I love each of you with all my heart,
President Hansen

From Sister Hansen
Sent Date: Monday, December 15, 2014
Author: President Hansen

Hello Everyone,
It was so great seeing all of you this week at the specialized trainings and later at 3 of our stakes' Christmas programs!!

Wow, they were all really impressive and really brought the Spirit of Christmas to the audiences. It was also wonderful to see so many of our missionaries perform and help out and even organize some of these events. I especially appreciated the help with the meals and clean up at the trainings!

Just a reminder about a couple of things:
When someone is performing or speaking, please don't get up or talk to another person unless absolutely necessary. Don't congregate in large groups of missionaries at ward or stake events. Of course y'all love seeing each other, but remember that we need to be looking for less actives, investigators and even fellow shipping members. It sounds weird but it almost seems a little clicky, like we like each other more than those around us.

I love walking into a building and seeing you wonderful missionaries. If I ever feel down or tired, all I have to do is shake your hands or get some hugs and I am regenerated. You radiate goodness and the Spirit. You have so much power in you, it is tangible!!!

I hope y'all have a wonderful week and a great Christmas!
With so much love,
Sister Hansen

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