"Make no small plans: This is the vision I have for the South. I believe that one day the South will baptize more people into the church than all other English speaking missions in the world together....We will see the time when we will baptize hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands...In your day you will see a million members of the church in the South. There will be temples plural in the Southern States. What a great call you have to serve with these marvelous people." President Spencer W. Kimball

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dear President Wall, Studying

Sent Date: Sunday, October 20, 2013
Author: President Wall

Your job is to invite others to come unto Christ, to bring them hope. You can do this in so very many ways, to so very many people. You all have the Spirit and it shines from you. So please tell me, what you are doing to give other people hope, every day.

Call me and I will tell you about the Freemasons and Joseph Smith. It is a wonderful part of church history and really made a lot of sense.

Sent Date: Monday, October 21, 2013

Author: Andrews, Zachary Jacob


This week has been really good. We got two new investigators that are looking really promising; I am really excited and so are they.  Companionship Unity is great.  No Problems.  district unity is not great.  Putting a strain on the English District.  i don't know what to do with the problem.  

div style="font-family: arialunicodems; font-size: small;"> Anyway this week I have really been studying in Preach My gospel.  My Book of Mormon study has been on how i can change (given that the Book of Mormon challenge is completed, I almost made it)  I would like to become more humble and more impressionable.  i am really studying and applying what i have been learning.  I have a problem I think that be before my mission i worked on gaining knowledge and not faith.  i did not distinguish between the two.  So i have knowledge but my faith is not equal to it. So I am really trying to exercise my faith. 

One thing that I learned in my Book of Mormon study last week, is that all things in the gospel take time.  There are very few things that are instant gratification.  it takes time.  Example:  Word of Wisdom, the instant gratification is the "fun" that you have when you partake in such things, but with the gospel you have a delayed gratification, aka health when you are older, or even feel good in the morning.  You can see in the war chapters in Alma that the people are impatient and fall away.  They do not receive those blessings..
Elder Andrews

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